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The success of your small business will depend a great deal on the name which you select to embody its image. A catchy and memorable name for your business can catapult it to the top of the heap or can deplete it of any possible momentum before it even has a chance to blossom. An entrepreneur should put just as much effort and thought into the name of their new business as would be merited for any other aspect of getting the business off the ground. In order to help secure success, the name of your business should reflect ideals, expertise and originality of the product or service that is being presented to the market place.

Nobody can really say what makes for an effective business name. A solid business name can be abstract or informative depending on how you plan to proceed in branding your corporate image. A more abstract name lends itself to companies that wish to build their image from a blank slate. Informative business names let potential clients or customers immediately know what the company is all about. A completely made-up word can be memorable and imaginative, thus deeply submerging your business name into the collective mind of the populace. Others think that coined names are lame and ineffective. Who knows? The truth is, any type of name can be effective if supported by the right marketing strategy and plain old hard work.

With all that said concerning what goes into the creation of a memorable and profitable business name, shouldn’t you consult with an expert? Depending on the field that your company is invading, the visibility of your business name may have a severe influence on the success of your new business. Wouldn’t your own time be best spent figuring out how your business intends to maximize profits and satisfy its customer base? And would your interests not be served better by enlisting the services of a professional naming specialist?

Logic states that you get the right person for the job. Investing in a good name for your business will save you time and money in the future. A meaningful and thoughtful business name will show the world that you aren’t some “cookie cutter” company but instead, a determined and innovative group of professionals. Each company arrives at a final decision in its own way. Some entrepreneurs go with their gut or use personal reasons for choosing one name over another. Others are more scientific. Some companies do consumer research or testing with focus groups to see how the names are perceived. Others might decide that their name is going to be most important seen on the back of a truck, so they have a graphic designer turn the various names into logos to see which works best as a design element.

After determining what name best suits your company, trademark the sucker and start branding. Get your name out there and start building some buzz. Bounce your name around the world until it sticks. It’s all in the name.





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