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A proven process that works.....

Step 1 – Choose a logo design package that is right for you.

We offer 4 different logo design packages to choose from. All of our logo design packages offer high quality design work and the real difference is time. How quick do you need your initial logo design samples? You can choose: 24 hour logo design service, 48 hour logo design service, 72 hour logo design service or even same day delivery. If you need your logo today, we encourage you to call us immediately at 514-447-4873 so we can get started right away.

Upon selecting a logo design package, we will gather your contact information and billing info via our secure on-line form. Please take the time to also fill in our creative questionnaire. Your thoughtful answers will be used as a tool to conduct our own in-house brainstorming session to produce thunderous ideas in record time!

Step 2 – Help us understand your needs by speaking with us.

When you need a logo designed this fast, we need to be absolutely sure about what you want the logo design to convey to your target market. Our streamlined creative questionnaire is intended to give us the big picture as to what you are looking for so that one of our project directors can ask detailed and specific questions as to the nature of your business. Only by speaking with a real living and breathing person can you ever hope to get a quality logo design that truly expresses the ideals and values inherent to your company.

Color, font style, and the overall look and feel will be discussed with your designated project director. This agent will be specially assigned to your account during the development of your original logo design to make sure that your guidelines and needs are being adhered to and respected by the team of designers who are working in unison to create your corporate image. We make sure that both you and your customers will feel confident with the logo that our team creates.

Please note that if you are ordering the same day logo design package, it is absolutely necessary that you speak with a project director at Express Logo Design immediately upon placing your order. Our project directors are always ready and willing to answer your questions and are used to working under tight deadlines.

Step 3 – Targeted results in record time.

We assign 3 diehard logo designers to your logo design project. Upon brainstorming with your personal project director, our logo designers will design initial concepts based on your creative questionnaire and the insight it brings regarding your company. Also taken in to serious consideration is any and all discussions you have had with your project director – they take really good notes. Together, the four professionals working on your project will have your initial logo design concepts ready within the time-frame of your chosen logo design package.

You will receive 6 unique logo design concepts with 3 variations on each for a grand total of 18 original logo samples to consider. Each concept will embody your personal vision on how you plan on branding your company logo. Our Logo designers will also make recommendations that you may not have thought about, but could potentially open doors to new possibilities. Your personal project director will contact you to help you understand why they chose to design the logo in a particular fashion. The project director will help bring insight to the logo design process and the pros and cons of each design and the merits of any given design strategy.

We highly encourage you to call us toll-free at 514-447-4873 and speak with your project director immediately upon viewing the initial logo design samples. Your immediate impressions and feedback are valuable and should be harnessed for any possible revision. You can also use the questions on the viewing page where the initial logo samples will be showcased to help guide your responses.

Please note that these are initial logo design concepts only; once you choose the logo(s) that represents your company best, you will be able to guide the revisions with the aid of your project director to get the logo design just they way you like it. If none of the logo designs are hitting home, tell your project director what you feel is missing and we can design new ones. The abandoned concepts will no longer be viable candidates and the logo design process continues.

Step 4 – Get your first revision in just 24 hours!

Upon choosing your favorite initial logo design concepts and speaking with your personal project director we can begin the logo revision process. Your feedback will instruct our designers on what changes you would like made to your logo design . The more specific your input is, the more accurate each revised sample will respect criteria.

All of our logo design packages include 2 revision changes. Your first revision will be ready and waiting for your consideration within just 24 hours of providing us with your feedback. The allotted 2 revisions are more than ample to produce a refined and impeccable logo design. Our project directors have numerous years of experience and knowledge in the branding industry, many of which have contributed to the success of numerous products and services in the marketing world.

By honing in on exactly what is and isn’t working with a thoughtful, yet animated discussion we will produce an original logo design that will stand the test of time and reassure your target market. Clear and quick communication will keep us all on the right path. Let’s be sure we take the time we need to talk about the details. Our attention to detail will both comfort and surprise you.

Step 5 – Get your final logo design and start branding.

Once you finalize your logo design with the guidance of your personal project director, we will make all the final files available for download the very same day. You will be able to download it effortlessly from your viewing page and start using it to grow your company.

Your final download will have all the files necessary to execute any future branding projects. We also back up on our secure server in case you ever lose them. We will even speak with your printing representative on your behalf for free. You are in no way obliged to print any materials with us. We are design experts with solid printing know-how and can make wonderful suggestions that will amplify your logo. Feel free to discuss your branding ambitions with a marketer or your own personal project director.

Express Logo Design has worked with many companies to build positive and profitable brand images and can express all of your design and marketing needs. We are very proficient in website design, brochure design, digital media, and advertising. Call us today at 514-447-4873 to speak with a professional.






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